Jessie Benson

In a world of chaos, my work is an offering of refuge – an invitation to be still, to be quiet, to reflect. Each of my beeswax and oil paintings depicts such a moment in nature – a mother bird hovering over her nest and the fledgling soon to be, a hummingbird taking a sip of nectar from a delicate hanging flower, a heron gracefully standing at the water’s edge as if in contemplation. Nature is where I find my deepest peace. My work endeavors to offer the viewer a glimmer of the same.

To create my beeswax and oil paintings, I brush several layers of melted beeswax onto a cradled panel. Using a clay-carving tool, I engrave intricate nature-inspired images into the wax and then oil paint my drawing to bring the linework to life. Each piece lovingly pays homage to the beauty and wonder of the natural world.

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