Summer Arrives with New Artists, New Art!

Please welcome our newest additions to our family of artists!

Nell Fredericksen

The beauty of the natural world that I see in everything around me flows both consciously and subconsciously through all my designs. I love taking the raw materials, whether metal or clay, and making them “move” with my hands into the shapes and textures that I picture in my mind.  That, plus the play of colors on those shapes with different glazes and firing techniques, produces pottery that is both decorative and functional.  I have been a professional potter and jeweler for more than 30 years. I am an ACV Juried Master Artisan, and Juried Round the Mountain Artisan.  I am also a teacher both in jewelry and ceramics, currently teaching a slate of metalsmithing classes at the Floyd Center for the Arts and am the Ceramics instructor for Ferrum College.


Emily Freudenberg
I work with nature inspired patterns. Fungi/mushroom and other floral forms grow in eccentric and whimsical ways. There is a uniqueness in them that I am trying to capture.
I choose certain fungal or floral forms that excite me to represent relationships in my life. Using those ideas create my composition and complement them with the color and texture of fabric with embroidery.
To see this new work, learn about our new artists and just enjoy our creations, visit or come see see us in person at our gallery located in the Station, across from the Country Store in Floyd, VA. We’re open Tuesday through Sunday.

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