Flight of Fancy Fundraiser for Floyd County High School Art Program

By Pamela Goff

Imagine a world without art. Our students and teachers in public High Schools face this prospect every time the school budgets are examined. Educators must limit the type of art they teach or reach into their pockets to furnish the necessary supplies. A New Leaf Gallery in Floyd wants to help. Kimberly Ingram, an art teacher at Floyd County High School said the fundraisers from A New Leaf Gallery have made it possible to purchase materials for projects. “For instance, she says, we would have to glaze part of a bowl instead of the whole bowl. We would have to buy less expensive paint that does not cover well and is harder to get excellent results.” The cost of a paintbrush is $3, less than a cup of coffee many of us buy every day. For the cost of a typical lunch, teachers could purchase a clay ribbon tool set or a large tube of oil paint for $14 or a quart of white acrylic Blick paint for $11.

A New Leaf Gallery is holding the “Flight of Fancy” fundraiser through March and April to help Floyd County High School continue to offer an excellent art program to its students. Patrons can adopt decorated birds hanging throughout the gallery created by member artists, purchase small leather birds, or cute clay birds created by students, purchase a cookie bouquet, or buy a raffle ticket to make a guess on the number of pieces of colored glass in the jar. All proceeds will go to the art program at Floyd County High School.

To find out more about this fundraiser, visit anewleaf-gallery.com or come see the fun at our gallery located in the Station, across from the Country Store in Floyd, VA. We’re open Tuesday through Sunday.

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