"Inner Thoughts" by Selena Doolittle McColley - Mixed Media Collage

"Inner Thoughts"

Layers of life and living pile up one upon another until sometimes the weight is heavy and finding a "center" from which to reflect, sort and let go is a true challenge

This piece was created during a turbulent time in Selena's life, a crossroad. She was recovering from cancer treatments and three related surgeries, trying to understand the woman she had been was gone and accept the new one taking her place, leaving a career of teaching that was closely tied to her identity and moving with her husband from one home of 20 years to their property in Floyd, a home of twenty years in the making. It was a "heavy" time and rediscovering the joy of creating art helped her find her center and start again.

Layers of handmade elements begin with colors laden with energy and slowly mingle with cooler colors indicating the beginning of acceptance and with that, an uncoiling, a letting go...and peace.

8"x8" on a 1.5-inch gallery wrapped canvas

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