"Inner Thoughts" by Selena Doolittle McColley - Mixed Media Collage

"Inner Thoughts"

Do you know one of the amazing things about this piece? Actually, several things and keep reading...we'll share them with you!

This piece was created by using a combination of handmade elements. Painted papers and foil, drywall tape, and embellishments created using glue and metal foils all come together to create a truly unique, one of a kind piece of art.

It is also one that can never be exactly replicated. You ARE getting a true original.

And, for those that want, and need, to touch art? This is one for you! The many textures, the varied materials and the design allow for that tactile experience.

Imagine allowing this piece help you find your "Inner Thoughts."

8"x8" on a 1.5 inch gallery wrapped canvas

Includes shipping and handling