Selena Doolittle McColley

A "Cancer" diagnosis put a whole new perspective on life. The things I kept putting on the back burner until life settled down became the priority. One of those new priorities was a renewed focus on my artwork.

I play. I explore. I experiment with mediums, techniques and styles. I get frustrated and I have great fun! A scene or subject that captures my attention and grabs my heart's eye becomes my focus. Sometimes it's the light, or the colors or shapes. Sometimes it's the "mood." I try to recreate the moment in a way that does it justice and preserves that feeling of ""

I follow whatever captivates me in the moment, and makes me "feel." I paint and recreate the things that move me and often those things make me happy.

Life lesson here folks...Don't wait for the perfect time to chase a dream. Stop. Breathe. Be. Then seize the day...JUST LEAP!  --Selena Doolittle McColley     
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Facebook: @justleapleatherandart