"Waltz and Foxtrot" by David Hall - Acrylic

"Waltz and Foxtrot"
David Hall
Original Acrylic Painting on Paper
18" x 12" Image size
27" x 21" Matted and Framed size

"Back in the day, way before I was born, all my grandmas records (78 rpm of course) came in two types - waltz or foxtrot - which had no meaning for a little kid like me until much later. I realized when I knew a little more about music that these represented the time signatures and what kind of dances could be danced to them. That, my friends, was the inspiration for this acrylic painting- dancing, playing music, drinking, and having a good time. I still can't figure who the smarmy looking piano player is or where he came from but there he is getting it on like the piano man he is. I hope you take the time to enjoy these things and chill out for a change. Maybe this painting will help to remind you to just dance once in a while." -- David Hall

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