"The Canyon's Ribbon of Beauty" by J K (Karen) Phillips Sewell, Fine Art Reproduction

Fine Art High Quality Reproduction from an original oil painting. 

One very hot summer, we hiked the north trail into the Grand Canyon.  Halfway down to the river is Cottonwood Campground.  The temperature was over 110 in the shade when we had made it that far.  We found upon exploring the area a little that Ribbon Falls was a short distance away.  We spent the afternoon there where the falling water and the rock outcrop which gave great shade dropped the temperature at least 20 degrees.  It felt heavenly.  We could even walk behind the mound in a shallow cave where the falling water had deposited minerals over the years.  This painting was done in my studio after returning home showing the view from behind the falls.

Reproductions are on Archival 100% Cotton Paper with 200+ year inks.

Shipping included