"The Bearded Lady" by Jennifer Carpenter - Colored Pencil

"The Bearded Lady"

Original Colored Pencil Drawing

30"x30"x2" mounted on Ampersand Claybord 

How many colors does it take to draw something white? It really depends on the time of day and, if outdoors, the weather! Irises have what this artist considers a welcoming fascination...an inner chamber of luxury and opulence. By the time you're close enough to observe, an intoxicating scent might envelope the viewer. For this piece the artist wished to convey the magic that unfolds with each bloom. The lines. The grace. The jewels left behind by a passing spring shower; here and now, to be gone shortly. The elegance and shimmer. Look closely. This girl (The Bearded Lady) is committed to her first competition, but will be available for purchase soon after her return!