"Nassau Lighthouse" by David Hall - Acrylic

Can you smell and feel it? The salt in the air, sand between your toes and the breeze on your skin? This new original Acrylic on Paper painting by artist David Hall can certainly take you to the shore!

Original Acrylic on Paper


"This lighthouse is out on the point of Paradise Island as you enter the harbor at Nassau, Bahamas. The solitary beauty of it is striking to me because if you could pan around you would see all the modern day trappings of the tourist island that is there. Behind the viewer is New Providence Island and everything else that goes with Nassau. Looking right you could see the giant resort Atlantis on Paradise Island. But just to focus on the worn out old lighthouse makes me imagine some bygone days when things were different. Different how? I don't know. Better, quieter maybe, peaceful, clean, refreshing to say the least. But also daring, dangerous, filled with suspense and intrigue. It's more than just a painting of a light house to me - it is, as the song goes, a way to 'take a trip and never leave the farm'."  --David Hall

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