"Mystique" and "Chaotic" by J K (Karen) Phillips Sewell - Original Paintings

This was my first attempt to paint on an aluminum artists panel, one side was brushed and the other was polished aluminum.  This just begged me to try both sides.  I used oil paint for "Mystique" on the brushed aluminum side. The slick polished side reminded me of Yupo which I use for my Acrylic Ink Paintings.  That's where "Chaotic" came to be.  The question once I'd painted them was how to display two paintings on one panel.  With my husband's assistance, we used two different frames, sandwiched together, that complimented each of the very different paintings.  A very unique way to get two paintings for the price of one.

16x20 panel framed to 18x22.

Shipping included.