"Amanda's Eggs" by Lori Sutphin

While my neighbors were on vacation, I was taking care of all their animals. My favorite part was collecting the eggs each day. One day I brought them back and placed them in this bowl. Immediately, I saw a painting. The different colors of the eggs, the shadows on the counter and the abstractness of the eggs inside the bowl. The funny part, for such a simple subject I struggled with this so much. First, I couldn't get the colors of the eggs right (started over), second time I painted the background and thought it was sorta cool until it dried (started over), third time I thought would be the charm but discovered my paper was old and add a default that you cant see until water hits it (started over again!) Finally Success! Original Watercolor with painting extending onto matting.

Image size 6 1/2" X 10 1/2"

Frame size 10" X 14"     Overall size 11 1/4" X 15 1/4"

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