"2 Heads are Better Than 1" by Lori Sutphin

Taking care of my neighbors farm, while they were away, feeding the chickens and turkeys was part of my responsibility. I was watching them all walk around and eat. I was really intrigued by the turkeys. They were quite ugly but in a cool way and one of them looked mean as all get out. It was the colors and textures that fascinated me. The blues and the reds against the stark white feathers and then the lumpy bumpy texture on the heads was funny. I came up with this idea after watching them for a while and realized 2 heads would be better than just 1! Hence the title...

Original watercolor matted and framed with the painting extending onto the mat.

Image size 10" X 14"

Frame size 16" X 20"     Overall size 19 1/2" X 23 1/2"