"Winter Sunset Reflections II" by Selena Doolittle McColley - Gouache

The warm colors of a sunset reflected in still waters strike a pleasing contrast against the blues and purples of winter in this small art original gouache painting.

"Inspired by winter sunsets and what they MIGHT look like if the rays of the setting sun could reach the pond on our property. Because of the ridgeline above and the trees around the pond, I'll paint a dream." --Selena

Framed in black, this piece would make a perfect stocking stuffer, a "just because" gift for someone who needs to know they matter or even a little self-love gift for yourself!

Perfect for: gifting, small tables or shelves, bedroom dressers or nightstands, or a desktop

Image size: 3"x2"

Framed size: 4"x3" (frame color is black)

Price includes shipping