"The Crest" by Selena Doolittle McColley - Acrylic Mixed Media

"The Crest"

Original Acrylic Mixed Media

36"x48"x1" unframed

Sometimes a painting doesn't go the way an artist plans at all. Sometimes a canvas sits unfinished for months. Such was the case with this one.

Artist Selena McColley explains the evolution of "The Crest." "So...here's the backstory on this one. I started this back in August 2020 on a HUGE 36"x48" canvas. It was originally intended to be a textural mixed media abstract mountain landscape. I smeared the modeling paste on with tools and my hands then stood back and looked. Hmmmmmmmm. Left it to cure and looked again. It didn't "feel" right so I moved it into the Happy Shack and leaned it against a bookshelf in plain sight. I kept looking at it but wasn't seeing mountains...or anything. So it sat. One night I spent time with my eyes closed just running my hands across the canvas...and I started to feel it. I asked my husband Ken, 'Hey. Look at this. Do you see a big wave here? Kinda breaking over that way?' He looked at that white textured canvas for a second then looked at me like I was nuts and said 'No.' 'Really? You can't see it right here?' I said while gesturing. 'No. I can't.' I was slightly deflated so I let it sit some more...like 5 more months. Then I woke up a few days ago and thought 'I'm gonna paint!' I started working on another seascape that had been sitting for months, finished and started this one. That wave literally created itself. I was just along for the ride."

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