"Blue Balls" by Lori Sutphin - Watercolor

Artist Lori Sutphin recently shared this about her latest piece.
"Okay, here's the latest!
Now, understand that this took a wrong turn early on and instead of "starting" over, I decided to see where it led me. I have a bad habit of knowing in my head what I want from the painting and if it seems to not be going that way....well, I start over! Not this time! I told myself, 'Hey kiddo, maybe it's leading you down a better path.' So, here it is.... just know that this is not what I saw in my head but I think it's pretty cool! That being said, I also don't like painting the same thing twice... However, I may just do it again but different! 😁"

Image size 15" x 11 1/4"
Frame size 25 3/4" x 22

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