"Agate" and "Amber" Set

This set of original paintings was inspired by the vivid colors of Autumn in our Blue Ridge Mountains.  
  • "Agate” (dark brown/ purple/ gold) and “Amber” (red/gold) are both 6” x 6” on 1 1/2” stretched canvas and ready to hang. 
  • They are both acrylic paint and have touches of metallic gold paint that looks like it glows in direct sunlight highlighting their individual beauty and adding to the overall connection of the pair. Truly beautiful!
  • Individually priced at $70 each or $125 plus shipping for the pair
Of these two pieces Bronwen said "I have always been fascinated with trees.  Autumn in our mountains is breathtakingly lovely…the golden sun shining through a falling leaf and revealing its delicate structure.  In my paintings I try to capture a moment-  a feeling of golden joy- a tiny piece of life’s magic."
Price includes shipping