Darcy Meeker

Darcy Meeker tools copper (from earrings to 38-foot wall work), creates sculpture in stone, clay, silk, and aluminum.  She creates amazing art from pretty much anything she can get her hands on.  She also also paints, collages and prints on a variety of materials with the same wide-ranging enthusiasm. 

"I carved my first stone at a two-day workshop and traded it with the teacher for a set of tools and a new stone.  I sculpt in stone, clay, silk, aluminum and copper.  I create art from nearly anything I can find.  I also paint, do collage and create prints with a variety of materials and the same wide-ranging enthusiasm.  My goals with public art are attention to intricate detail and dramatic impact.  The viewer gets awareness with a glance and an appreciation more profound from careful consideration."

darcymeeker.com      thecolorprojecttm.com
Instagram:  darcymeekerfineart   Facebook: darcymeekerfineart
Instagram:  thecolorprojecttm   Facebook:  thecolorprojecttm

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